Death - How to tell this message?

Now I am sitting here, evening. A tiring day full of action is almost over and the thoughts are hunting themselfes.
There is an undestroyable connection with death with my work. Something completly normal but also not understandable for us.
How come that the world is still moving when the beloved one has died?
And now there I am standing. Standing with the task to tell these bad news to somebody that the beloved one has died. Somebody who you knew yourself even not much, somebody you talked shortly before his death with.
This to tell somebody who regularly has to be foreign to you but you love with your heart. Loving somebody from whom you know that this person also loves you because this person told you so.
But how should you tell such bad news to this wonderful person? A message by the way which has been also shocking to yourself? A message you received first?

23.2.09 22:49


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