The Post - more stupid then thought?

When I called this morning to sign me ill I was definitly asked why I first send my Fellow-sick note and after that my first-sick note. Ehm, yeah I would love to know that as well, especially that I did not know about that fact cause I send first my first-sick note and then the fellow one as it is normal. Yeah the Friday before the last one I send the first-sick note and it arrived LAST friday? Huhuuuu, what happened please?? It arrives a whole, A WHOLE week later! From the one part of the city to the other it takes much more time as from city to city? NO WAY! Not to mention that 5 of my postcards I send have not arrived yet...yeah and my fellow-sick note arrived "already" on last Wednesday. Sure, there has been thinking somebody if he is losing touch with reality. And, as it could not be different, I got the fault; again. The fault that the post it too stupid to deliver a letter from A to be.
Shall I go next time to the central office at the train station while I am ill? Just to throw in two letters I can throw in here? Just 5 minutes away?

17.8.09 12:06


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