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The Post - more stupid then thought?

When I called this morning to sign me ill I was definitly asked why I first send my Fellow-sick note and after that my first-sick note. Ehm, yeah I... weiterlesen

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The Time

I am asking myself: Which idiot has invented the clock? Would it not have been better for us not to count the time? weiterlesen

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Death - How to tell this message?

Now I am sitting here, evening. A tiring day full of action is almost over and the thoughts are hunting themselfes. There is an undestroyable conn... weiterlesen

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Go Ubuntu!!

Hey folks! I am a very big fan of Linux, especially the distributions Debian and Ubuntu (last one is a modified version of Debian, more userfriend... weiterlesen

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Silent Thoughts

Life can be hard...for some people it is often, for other it seems like always and for other it is almost, on the unavoidable way to Ch... weiterlesen

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